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est. 1978
Taurus : Gemini : Gemini
Life Path No. 4


You found me.
I'm so happy you did.

This website is a labor of self-love and self-study, which I hope brings us together. My life path has been of great intrigue to many of you, namely how I navigated many different careers (and lives!) to land where I am now - free from the paradigm and living a life with purpose and creative adventure. How I pivoted my career from corporate business entertainment to yoga. How I turn my creative passions into financially sustainable income.   How "just be yourself" means the flops, failures, bounds that you overstep, and all the bad hair cuts are the life moments that whet the honest assessments made daily to come to true self.

I hope you will resonate with my non-ordinary brain in order to spark the courage to live boldly, lovingly, gratefully, and passionately.

Let joy be our guide.



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Manifested in LA

Hollywood, California

United States

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