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est. 1978
Taurus : Gemini : Gemini
Life Path No. 4




You found me.I'm so happy you did.This website is a labor of self-love and self-study, which I hope brings us together.


My life path has been of great intrigue to many of you, namely how I navigated many different careers (and lives!) to land where I am now - free from the paradigm and living a life with purpose and creative adventure. How I pivoted my career from corporate business entertainment to yoga. How I turn my creative passions into financially sustainable income.   How "just be yourself" means unwavering hubris with the flops, failures, bounds that you overstep, and all the bad hair cuts.   It is fortunate to live a life of freedom in letting your freak flag fly, because we are in service of the life trying to live through us.  When we resist, when our mind and body are in constant disagreement, we fall out of coherence - when the mind and the body agree, they speak the same language, we generally trust our gut and move with a sense of ease and accomplishment, and gives life a sense of well-being.The most important work we can do in this lifetime is to realize our highest potential, vibrating there by using our God Gifts in service of others. There is a life trying to be lived through you. It was when I surrender each time, that more of that life moves through me, and toward a more authentic, loving relationship with myself.  


But it takes work.And a whole lot of WTF-shenanigans seasoned with laughter.


Ready? Let joy be our guide.

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