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Wildly unique with an arresting knowledge of body, mind and spirit, John is one of LAs prominent yoga teachers. Teaching through the language of energy - life force energy - also known as Qi, Johns primary goal is for his students to become “energy literate” in order to use Qi, life force energy, to heal the body and expand potential.

His passion for yoga as energy healing has created a large LA following lovingly called the Tribe and has given him the opportunity to work regularly with several famous celebrities. He has worked in music fashion and law and with his Masters of Business from Cornell University, John created Aspirant, a line of mindful jewelry, that intersects yoga, crystals (incl. diamonds!), and chakra energy. John has an infectious energy where Bliss is the Guide and reminds us that a joyful mindful aspirational life is possible for everyone.

The Paths to Here

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