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Facemask by JSJ

The Pandemic and Putting Our Best Face Forward

I used to think New York City taught me the hustle game.  Not so. It was Los Angeles.


"Plug in where you fit in. Put your best face forward."


I upcycled designer dust bags and made facemasks during the Pandemic. It was a hit.  I had a lot of fun being gay and creative ("I need another Chanel!"). I spent many pandemic hours in creative expansion, rather than boredom. I made custom facemasks from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Goyard, and many other brands.  I used gold-filled chain as ear pulls and as neck chains. I helped people get excited about the new social practice of masking. Many of the masks were dope and one-of-a-kind.

The Pandemic showed me that I could make a sustainable living from my creative talents alone. I kept teaching yoga via zoom and made facemasks the rest of the day. I made thousands more per month during the Pandemic than I did prior to it.

I no longer make facemasks. I'm grateful since I used to make around 25 masks every day. Thankful to everyone who trusted me to keep them safe from COVID and grateful that my creativity taught me how to create financial abundance. Cheesy as it sounds, this daily practice kept my spirit hopeful and light, during a time when others spirits' were not. 


My mind stayed focused.

I had a purpose during the Pandemic.

I never stopped creating.

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