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Obsidian - Root Chakra

I am grounding myself in the present moment.

I am present, I am here and now, I am exactly where I need to be.

I feel safe in my body, I feel secure in my environment.

I am supported, I am nurtured, and I have abundance all around me.

I feel the power of my ancestors all around me.

When I remember that the blood of my ancestors runs through my veins, I am reminded that they overcame fear which is why I am here, and I remember again that I cannot lose.

I have no fears. I release them.

I have no doubts. I release them.

I have no worries. I release them.

All storms are just passing clouds.

I completely present.

I am at peace.

I am grounded.

I am centered.

I am here.

Tiger's Eye - Sacral Chakra

I embrace the journey of life with an open heart and mind.

I allow joy to guide me.

I see beauty all around me. I am beautiful.

I choose to dance, I choose to play, I choose to dream.

I seek the wonder awe and inspiration of my inner child.

I release trauma. It is not mine.

I release anxiety. It is not mine.

I release depression. It is not mine.

I release attachments, nothing is mine.

My life maintains harmony with all life.

I am confident, courageous and protected.

Malachite - Solar Plexus Chakra

I am worthy.

I honor myself by doing my best.

I honor my spirit, by following my purpose.

I am not defined by my mistakes.

I honor my creative passions, by serving others.

My creativity is unique, and worthy of being shared.

My talents are special, beautiful, and unique to me.
My creative talents are God Gifts.

My God Gifts are worthy and real.

My life's purpose is to claim, cultivate and ultimately share my God-given gifts with the world.

Success is mine. I claim it.

Abundance is mine. I claim it.

My Higher Self is right here. I step into it.

The only diet I am on, is a diet of negative thoughts.

I am disciplined.

Loving awareness is my discipline.

The practice is the goal.

Walking my path is the accomplishment.

Discovering my true self is the most important thing I can do in this lifetime.

Rose Quartz - Heart Chakra

I feel divine love within me, I feel divine love around me.

Every day I am becoming more loving and compassionate.

My desires are in harmony with universal love.

I accept myself for who I am.

I love myself unconditionally.

There is nothing lacking within me.

There is no need to be perfect.

Self-nurturing, self-caring, and self-loving are essential routines for my inner hygiene.

The spirit within me is beautiful and attractive.

I therefore am beautiful and attractive.

I release grief.

I release resentment.

I release judgment.

I release envy.

I refuse to live life with a heavy heart.

The only way back to love is by practicing forgiveness and gratitude.

I forgive. I am forgiven.

Gratitude is my everyday attitude.

Love is my language.

I am the love that I want.

Lapis Lazuli - Throat Chakra

I express peace.

I express calm.

I express joy.

I express truth.

I trust my inner voice.

I trust my higher self.

I trust my gifts, and how they choose to be expressed.

I trust my power.

I am honest, compassionate, and sincere.

I never take anyone or anything personally.

I am open to change.

I am open to constructive criticism.

I listen, by learning to listen and how to listen, by listening.

I know the difference between a reaction and a response. It's called a breath.
I choose peace over the need for me to be right.

Sometimes peace requires that no one is right. I am at peace with that.

My words have the power to heal. I choose them wisely.

My words have the power to create. I choose them wisely.

My words have the power for miracles and magic. I cast my spells wisely.

I express myself in a healthy way. Daily.

I commune with myself and communicate with myself in a healthy way. Daily.

I am expressing the highest levels of love. Daily.

I am expressing the highest levels of peace. Daily.

Howlite - Third Eye Chakra

I perceive with a loving heart.

I perceive with a loving mind.

I perceive with a compassionate spirit.

My consciousness is expanding.

I trust my inner light will guide me.

I trust my Higher Self will protect us both.

I see God in all because I am God among all.

I am not separate from that around me.

Harming others is self-harming.

Helping others is helps myself.

I am not weak, I am simply not woke. Yet.

The more I cultivate my Intuition, the harder it is to be fooled.

Even in the darkness of my darkest times, I will always see the Light.

I am the Light. The Light is within me.

I am connected with Source at all times.

I am Source energy expressing itself.

I am all. All is within me.

Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra

I am enough.

I believe in myself.

I encourage myself.

I embrace myself.

I am worthy of all my dreams and hearts desires.

I am grateful for and love my demons, though scary they are not evil; for they remind me of and guard me against the threshold beyond which I must not pass.

I am grateful for and love the contrast and struggles in my life, for beyond the contrast lies my expansion and growth, and without the contrast lies comfort zone and atrophy.

I have a greatness to offer the world.

I am needed.

Outer peace cannot come without inner peace.

Outer disarmament cannot come unless we inner disarm.

I am nobility and royalty in my connection to Source.

I am Source Energy vibrating at a unique frequency called my life force. 

I am not a human having temporary spiritual experiences, I am spirit having a temporary human experience.

When my mind is quiet, my soul speaks.

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