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The Original Crystal Ear Cuff.

I found skilled lapidarians (stone/crystal artisans) in India to bring my vision to life. India has a long cultural heritage of working with crystals and stones. There is history, culture and reverence carved into every Crystal Ear Cuff. The energy of the people who create these crystal ear cuffs is important which is why I chose to work with Indian lapidarians who maintain good energy in our relationship. Additionally, I cleanse every crystal to neutralize the energy prior to sending out.


Crystal cuffs made from rare crystals are limited quantity.

Endless crystal energies to explore.


You've never worn crystals that close to the brain...

...until now.

Jewelry Designer
About Our Leather


 Jewelry is an investment. I created and cultivated a gold jewelry collection that does not diminish in quality, tarnish, or turn your skin green. All of the pieces in the collection are 24 karat gold-filled on sterling silver, or 14 karat gold. I use nothing less. The fact that name brands will sell - and customers will buy - jewelry made of "gold tone on brass" (ie, not even gold!) for hundreds of dollars, made me almost angry.  

It seemed like there was no place in the market where I could buy pure gold hoops or studs for under $100/pair.  I wanted a pair of basic pure gold hoops that wouldn't break the bank; livable jewelry that didn't require me to handle preciously, and could withstand the occasional exposure to water, sweat, pool, or ocean without tarnishing over time.

Then, I found some Filipinas and Asians in Downtown LA's Jewelry District, who worked in pure gold.

jsj was born, in response to this lack.


My design aesthetic when curating or designing gold jewelry is indigenous peoples and tribes.  Ornamental archetypes consistent within BIPOC cultures create the visual language of the brand.


A spear.

The dagger.

Cannabis leaf.


The North Star.


Street Fashion.


Concierge Diamond Consultation. 

Diamond colors that look best with your skin tone.

Diamond shapes that resonate with your spirit.

A price point that is accessible.

From imperfectly perfect diamonds.


In my global search for skilled artisans, I also came across respectable diamond sellers in India and Thailand. They specialize in diamonds non-traditionally valued by the jewelry industry because they do not meet the aesthetic standards of diamond gems. In sum, they have taken diamond "trash" and carved them into "diamond treasures".  Very few people are aware that diamonds like these even exist.

All of my diamond sellers procure their diamonds ethically. This means they can provide certification via the Kimberley Process of Certification. The Kimberley Process of Certification ensures that that diamonds sold through any legitimate diamond sellers are not funding rebel-led civil wars (coined “conflict-free” or "blood diamonds").

Diamonds for People of Color.

Price Varies.

Raw Diamond
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