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When the Mind begins to Compare, how can we find Calm?

Two of my exes came orbited back into my life this week. One of them is really fine, is doing financially well, and has a boyfriend. My. Mind. Went. OFF. It began to compare - rating my success against his, or his exes looks against mine. How do we calm the mind when it experiences such disturbance?

One of the purposes of yoga is to cultivate "Chitta Prasadanam" - it means "serene state of mind." This practice prescribes four things:

Maitri Happiness to be celebrated – People generally get jealous of other people’s happiness, and try to negate that with unkind words or hostile attitude. This only brings pain and the person doing it experiences the pain and suffering first hand. So, the happiness around should be celebrated and cherished. If you are happy for others happiness, the happiness will come to you... EVEN if they're the guy you used to fuck who's now living his best sexiest life with his equally hot bf. YOU FEEL ME.

Karuna Compassion for Pain and Suffering – Overlooking the pain and going your own way is not the right thing to do. Taking pleasure in others suffering is also taking you towards disaster. The right thing to do is to have compassion and help people in distress and make their distress disappear.

Mudita Promoting Righteousness – When you meet people who are truthful and virtuous try and imbibe the things that make him/her virtuous. Happiness and calmness will pour into your life.

Upeksha Having a positive attitude towards bad– Most of the people in today’s’ world are doing wicked things to keep “Power”, “Money” or even “Relationships”. We as practitioners of yoga should not hate them. Rather we should guide these people towards goodness. This is the only way to remove the bad.

Once the attitude of Chitta Prasandanam is built, calmness will blossom within the mind.

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