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crystal yoga anklets


Crystal Yoga Anklets were specifically designed for yoga as adornment for the active and barefoot.

Crystal Yoga Anklets can be custom-made with your desired crystal in one of the three anklet designs below. 

  • Yoga Anklet 1.0  

    • features 2-3mm crystal beads and one-time adjustable clip chain.

  • Yoga Anklet 2.0 

    • identical to 1.0 except features 4mm crystal beads.

    • one-time adjustable clip chain.

    • Best for crystals that sparkle in the bigger bead size like moonstone, labradorite or citrine. 

  • Yoga Anklet 3.0 

    • identical to 2.0 except features a cuban chain for a sturdier, solid ankle silhouette.

    • ankle measurement necessary, not adjustable like 1.0 and 2.0


Available in gold-filled or 14k pure gold, with your choice of crystal. 

Gold-filled chain can get wet and endure sweat without tarnishing or losing luster.


Comfortable, relaxed fit, you won't even know they're there.

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