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Oh crap! I dropped it and it broke! Now what?


It is the nature of eggs to break or crack if dropped. It is the nature of crystals to break, crack or chip if dropped as well. Still, you would not go to a grocery store and expect to get a replacement egg for free because you dropped it.  Rather, you would learn to be less clumsy, or hold eggs with better care.

The same should be expected with Crystal Ear Cuffs.

I do not offer free replacements for broken Crystal Cuffs:

- due to mishandling or accidents

- because of proclaimed lack of understanding of how to put on

- that are "broken during shipping" unless photographed unremoved from packaging AND email to inform me of breakage is received on the day the item was delivered, ie IMMEDIATE report of breakage with photo proof required.

However, I get it. I can be a klutz too. Accidents happen.


Broken Crystal Cuffs have a one-time replacement offer of 75% of the price paid.

If you break it again, there will be no more breakage discounts.

You just gotta be more careful boo.


In the unlikelihood that a Crystal Cuff breaks during shipping, customer must do the following immediately:

- take a picture of the Crystal Cuff, unremoved from packaging

- send an email with picture proof

- email MUST BE RECEIVED on the day and close to the time the package was delivered

Any customer with a broken Crystal Cuff that fails to provide the above is subject to the Breakage Discount.


I do offer wholesale accounts. If you are interested in selling Crystal Cuffs by JSJ at your business,

please email me at

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