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mindful jewelry

Aspirational Adornment

In the tradition of Christian rosaries, Hindu Tears of Shiva, or Buddhist Monk Beads, jsj continues the tradition of spiritual prayer facilitated through worn adornment.

Every crystal has an ethos - a belief that each crystal helps us attain desirable characteristics.  Does having the crystal mean these characteristics are promised to you? Of course not.  These characteristics must be practiced until the habit becomes our character. Crystal jewelry then becomes a tool for mindfulness practice when we hold an intention for wearing it.   The crystal raises our vibration in the direction of creating change toward self-embitterment.

Worn adornment that aids our spiritual journey has been done for centuries among many spiritual traditions across the globe. There hasn't quite been a brand to bridge this practice into modern times.... until now.


jsj is modern jewelry with modern mantras.


The Original
Crystal Ear Cuff

Real crystal stones.

Designed by me.

Carved by Artisans in India,

a place where there is a long cultural heritage of working with crystals and gemstones. Culture, history and reverence is carved into every Crystal Ear Cuff.

Comfortable. Light-weight.

Set intentions and wear.


Stack them.

Look fly.

Mindfulness practices based on each crystal.

Mindfully practice raising your vibration with every wear.

Support US business and global artistans.

Crystal Energy that close to the brain has NEVER been done...

..until now.


Gold For The People

Jewelry is an investment. I created and cultivated a gold jewelry collection that does not diminish in quality, tarnish, or turn your skin green. All of the pieces in the collection are 24 karat gold-filled on sterling silver, or 14 karat gold. I use nothing less. The fact that name brands will sell - and customers will buy - jewelry made of "gold tone on brass" (ie, not even gold!) for hundreds of dollars, made me almost angry.  

It seemed like there was no place in the market where I could buy pure gold hoops or studs for under $100/pair.  I wanted a pair of basic pure gold hoops that wouldn't break the bank; livable jewelry that didn't require me to handle preciously, and could withstand the occasional exposure to water, sweat, pool, or ocean without tarnishing over time.

jsj was born, in response to this lack.


My design aesthetic when curating or designing gold jewelry is indigenous peoples and tribes.  Ornamental archetypes consistent within BIPOC cultures create the visual language of the brand.

A spear.

The dagger.

Cannabis leaf.


The North Star.


Street Fashion.


Misfit Gemstones
The Diamond Deception

Did you know that the exorbitant value of IG and GIA diamonds is based on the correlated wedding-industry idea that a bride is worth more when she is pure?  The more pure the bride, the more pure the diamond. Talk about unfeminist! And don't even get me started on the subversive concept that yellow and brown diamonds are worth less than white diamonds.


The fact is, white diamonds are not the only gemstone that are worth your attention. There are real diamonds that are disregarded by jewelers but are literally gorgeous and breath-taking because of their non-standard colors, natural occlusions or imperfections. There are also gemstones like the Demantoid Garnet, which is green and shines like diamond because the dispersion (ability to break light into its multiple color waves) factor is greater than diamonds. Or a parti-sapphire, a teal sapphire that is part green. Literally a gem for a mermaid. Or an oregon sunstone, a gem that is trichroic - it ombres from brownish-red to green to yellow - and has a ghostlike sparkle that disappears depending on how the gem faces the light, called a Schiller effect.

Go beyond bridal, and into a gemstone world where there is special gem that sparkles perfectly for you, your skin tone, your aesthetic.

Priced at A FRACTION of current IG/GIA diamonds on the market.

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