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crystal ear cuffs
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crystal ear cuffs

Your Crystal Ear Cuff is made from real crystal stone. It is carved by artisans and lapidarians in India who have a long heritage of jewelry and crystal mastery. Their crystal worksmanship highlights the intrinsic and natural beauty of each crystal stone, turning it into a breath-taking piece of living jewelry. 


It is my pleasure to represent the best of their love and reverence for these crystal stones in an ear cuff I designed: Crystal Cuff by jsj slips from the top corner of your ear flap (helix) and slides down through the Cymba which holds it in, and slides anywhere comfortable but no further than the Cavum (the patio to your ear hole).


Snug. Most do not even know they are wearing it.

But you know what's cool? When you close you eyes, you FEEL it.


Obviously it's a crystal, witch.

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