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Moss Agate

Moss Agate


Abundance - Stabilizing - Clearing - Rebirth - Self-Promotion



Science of Style

Beneficial for anyone working in agriculture or botany. Helps midwives in birthing work.



Moss Agate is a stabilizing stone of new beginnings.  Like Springtime, it helps to refresh our soul, release blockages and parts of us that have died or faded away, and enables us to see the world with fresh eyes, appreciating all the beauty that can now be held and seen.  Moss Agate is a stone of wealth and helps generate abundance.  It releases fear and deep-seated stress, while improving self-expression and communication.  Think of it as a crystal to promote a spring cleaning and new birth in the soul.


  • 19mm or 23mm wide.
  • Smooth or Faceted finish available.
  • 10mm inner diameter.
  • No ear piercing required.
  • One size fits most.
  • Sold singly (as one).
  • Clear top jewelry box to charge Crystal Cuff during Full Moons.

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